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Last Nicotine is a one shot composition played with the cacophonator the instrument built in 2012 by Doc. Luden Looksharp; the cacophonator is an old sewing machine converted to a concrete music generator made up of every sort of objects and trashed stuff you could find around .

a new gitzmo for the Cacophonator: the Enphisema doomdrone Clarinet..
2meters of tube and a clarinet reed-sounds deep and terrific

iarballe band logo
IARBALLE is: luden looksharp, mic roma, danni la barbera. born 2014. plays melodic original and sometimes weird tunes, sing songs in falsetto and growly style as well.  will gigs every place.  IARBALLE.

Testing the cacophonator for a commercial ads project… Clear and direct in a fee seconds.. That’s the goal

Fuckin’ around with my cacophonator on a too sunny afternoon.. I like darkness.. Trying to model some obscure mood out of springs crank wheels etc etc..